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6 Reasons to wear hair extensions

Long story

Many of us dream of having longer hair, but growing it out seems to take forever. Have you ever wished you could wake up one day with luxuriant long fairy-tale tresses? Sadly, we’re not all born with Gisele’s locks, which is why high-quality hair extensions are so desirable. Now you can enjoy all the beauty of longer hair, while at the same time letting your natural hair rest underneath (and if you treat the hair correctly, it will grow on regardless). This is one giant leap for those who dream of having longer hair.

Hair extensions length

Play at high volume

Who doesn’t like to pump up the volume now again? With hair extensions you can enjoy all the benefits of natural volume, but also add a little extra boost. Leave boring old flat hair behind, and treat yourself to a hairdo that stands out a little. For maximum volume, you can style it out with hairspray and a brush. Or go one bigger with the extra-large option of Clip-In Hair: the discreet clips that really help your hairdo pop, giving you more bounce to the ounce.

Hair extensions volume

In living color

Are you worried that a coloring treatment will damage your hair? Or perhaps you’d like to test out new hues, but don’t know if they’ll work for you? Now you can add color into your extensions and try out the highlights or lowlights you’ve always daydreamed about. This is easy to do and it blends in very well with your own hair, regardless of the technique you use. On this client we have used two different colors (#12 and #24) and you can see for yourself what an amazing lift it gave to her hair without the fuss and expense of a coloring treatment.

Hair extensions color

Quick smart

Imagine if you could get back all the hours you’ve ever spent on your hair, striving to achieve the best volume, style and look… No, we haven’t invented a time machine; but with hair extensions you’ll spare yourself all that fuss, because your locks will always look beautiful. Even just worn up in a ponytail or tied into a braid, extensions look instantly more put-together because they give the wholesome allure of a fuller head of hair. And if you curl your hair, with extensions it won’t end up straggling around your ears because the length is already perfect. How great would it be to never wake up to a bad hair day again? With hair extensions, this is a reality.

Sense of occasion

Not everyone wants to wear hair extensions 24/7, but if you’d like to make an effort for a special occasion, clip-in hair could be the perfect choice for you. You can put them in yourself, and in just 10 minutes you’ll have more volume, longer hair and (if you opt for them) colored highlights too. Beyond that, you can also choose between straight hair, curly or an up-do. So that’s your next wedding hairdo sorted!

Hair extensions clips Endless Hair

Grow your own way

Remember, you can wear extensions and grow your hair out. If you opt for tape extensions, I can guarantee that your own hair will continue to flourish and feel better than ever. Give it a year, and the proof will be there for all to see. The most important thing is to get a professional to help you put it in – and also to remove it, when the time comes for that. Don’t leave the extensions in too long, because this can damage your hair and you won’t end up with the beautiful healthy hair I proselytise about. However, after six to eight weeks of downtime, you should be fine to put the extensions back in, depending on how fast your own hair grows.

So we’ve looked at six simple and amazing reasons why hair extensions are worthwhile: they’re great for providing length, volume, different colors, faster styling, special-occasion styles – and the best part is that you can even look after your own hair while you’re wearing them. But if you still have questions about how to wear hair extensions, just send me an email and I’d be delighted to give more information about the beautiful world of hair extensions.

Love, Ellinor <3