Fall 2017 hair trend update

Aug 14 , 2017

Fall 2017 hair trend update

Hi beautiful,

Here you will see three different trends to follow in styling your hair this coming autumn. We’ll explain how to replicate all three trends with hair extensions in place.

The look: Braids

Classic braid is a perennial favorite, and this autumn is no different. Braids are very easy to achieve when you have extensions, and the look is very good for your extensions too because it keeps them in good condition for longer.

You can create braids using any of our hair-extension techniques, such as tape, keratin and clip-ins – the perfect choice will depend on how you do your braids.



The look: Slicked back

To get this sophisticated look, you need a flat iron to make your hair as straight as it can be. Then continue to slick it back with gel and a fine-tooth comb, pulling the hair back in sections just past the ears. Tie the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and use a lot of hairspray.

Bam – now you have created a cool look in under 10 minutes!

The best hair extensions for this slicked look are tape/stickers.



The look: Classic curls  

Beautiful curls will never go out of style.

To keep it from looking too girly, leave the first 2.5 inches from the roots uncurled and flat. When the curls are done and cooled down, you can brush them out for a softer look. Use hairspray and dry shampoo to keep them in shape.   

You can create curls using all of our hair-extension techniques, such as tape, keratin and clip-ins.

Play with your hair and learn how to make the best hair style for you.

// Love Ellinor