Feb 01 , 2017

Thin and short hair? No problem!

Thin and short hair no problems

Do you have thin and short hair and think it’s impossible to wear extensions? Think again, because it can work just as well as it would if you had long hair. For those with short and thin hair we recommend using tape extensions. The tape is invisible and very thin, so it blends in naturally with your own hair. Tape is the gentlest method for thin hair, and it gives hair more time to rest and to grow longer and thicker.

What do you need?

You should have at least 10cm of length in your own hair before you put in extensions to get the best result. If you have thin hair, don’t go for clip-ins because this will make it harder to get a good result. Tape and keratin will work best, and you should get a professional hairdresser to put them in.

How do make it blend in?

The best way is to blend at least two different colors, especially if your own hair is a bit of a mixture. If you’re using tape, just sandwich together two different colors; and if you go for keratin, simply alternate the colours as you apply them. You need a professional hairdresser to help you put them in properly, and to cut your hair afterwards so it blends in naturally.

How do I wear a ponytail without the extensions showing?

If you’re someone who often wears a ponytail, you might be wondering if this prevents you from getting permanent extensions. The answer is no – but it depends on how you put them in and which techniques you use. We recommend you use a mixture of tape and keratin extensions. If you’re buying from Endless Hair, you should apply at least three packets of tape extensions to the back of your head, in two different colors. You should also buy two packets of keratin extensions, in the same colors as the tape ones. The keratin extensions should be attached to the side of your head and the colours should be mixed together. This is the best approach for those who often wear their hair in a ponytail. At first the extensions will feel a little close to the head and restricted, but after a week or so they’ll feel freer and easier to style. As always, we recommend you get help from a professional hairdresser.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions before you buy your hair.