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Top-quality Clip In Extensions

Clip in extensions

The Endless Clip In Hair collection is made from real hair and will give you long, flowing locks in just five minutes. These are the easiest of our extensions to use, and you can put them in yourself whenever you want longer hair. This makes them the perfect accessory for both everyday use and special events.

The clip in hair can be colored, curled or straighten. If you take good care of your hair (through washing, brushing and conditioning), it will last for a long time. The hair comes in 160 grams per package, depending on the color. This is a top-selling product that can be styled any way you like.

Which color are you?


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Endless Hair Clip In Hair Extensions

What are the benefits of Clip-In Hair Extensions?

  • They are quick to attach and easy to remove.
  • They're of great quality. By buying our remy clip-in hair extensions you are getting the best hair extensions on the market.
  • They can be attached by yourself. You don’t need help from a professional hairdresser.
  • They give your hair volume and can be colored, curled and straightened.
  • They're durable. If you take care of these extensions by washing and brushing the often, they’ll last one or two years.
  • They’re available in different of colors. For example, we offer dark and black brown hair extensions UAE women love to wear. We also have blonde shades such as #60 and #613.

Today our lives are busier than ever and therefore the popularity has increased a lot lately for clip in hair extensions in Dubai and the UAE, but also in Europe and the USA.