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Top-quality Keratin Hair Extensions

Endless Keratin (or Nail) Hair Extensions, made of real human hair, blend in naturally with to your own hair. The strands come pre-bonded with keratin, and to put the hair in the bonds needs to be melted using a fusion connector wand. The extensions are then rolled between finger and thumb around a small amount of your own hair, close to the roots. As this is a difficult process, we recommend that you get these extensions put in by a professional hairdresser. We are happy to help you to find a professional salon for you keratin hair extensions in UAE, as we are working with many of them.

Endless Hair Keratin Hair Extensions

Take care of your extensions, wash, brush and use hair masks, and they will last longer. Please wait 24 hours after putting them in before washing your hair. The attachments are easily taken out using a keratin remover and a special tong.

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Our Keratin Hair Extensions In Dubai

Every woman who has ever admired the hair of actresses in movies and TV shows has wondered how they could imitate their specific style, color or texture. In a perfect world we would all have endlessly versatile hair that could be changed a million ways – styling it wavy for a party, straight and soft-colored for a business meeting, and so on. One solution that allows you to change your style without lasting damage is keratin hair extensions.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get versatile, beautiful, long hair that is kind to your scalp and easy to maintain, it’s worth looking for keratin hair extensions in Dubai. Application is quick and painless, and your extensions will be easy to maintain. Also, when you decide you want to remove your extensions, this too is a quick and easy process.

The Advantages of Keratin Hair Extensions Dubai women need to know

By getting keratin hair extensions Dubai residents are making their lives easier in a number of ways. Here are some of the main advantages of this style.

  • They’re available in many varieties, making it easy to find the perfect match with the specific thickness, color and texture of your own hair.
  • They’re kind to your skin – the wax used to attach the extensions is made from ingredients that are easy on the scalp and do not cause adverse effects.
  • The extensions are easy to remove – you may even be able to do this at home.
  • Keratin extensions can be styled in a lot of different ways. Our keratin extensions are produced from pure human hair that withstands heat and is compatible with electronic styling appliances.