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Top-quality and Reusable Tape Hair Extensions

Endless Tape Hair Extensions are a quick and gentle method to get beautiful long hair. The extensions are easily attached using adhesive tape. The process of putting them in is fast, but we recommend you get a professional hair stylist to do it. The tape method allows you to reuse your hair extensions (using refill tape), so you can to recreate your long-hair look several times.

Endless Hair Tape Hair Extensions

Before & After! These tape extensions have been reused three times during a five months period! Amazing quality. #lovebyendless

Take care of your extensions, wash, brush and use hair masks, and they will last longer. The tape hair can be colored, cut, curled and straightened, but for best results you should wait 24 hours after putting them in before washing your hair. The tape can easily be taken out by your hair stylist, or by yourself using a tape remover.

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The best thing about tape hair is how versatile it is. You can make it last longer by washing and brushing it regularly, and using a hair mask to tame frizz. Our tape hair is made from natural human hair, which makes it much easier to dye, curl and even straighten. Another key advantage of this kind of extensions is that you can take it out whenever you want, either at home if you feel you are up to doing it yourself, or with a quick visit to a salon.

How to Maintain Tape Hair Extensions In Dubai

Tape hair extensions in Dubai are known for their ease of use, but this does not mean they have zero maintenance needs. In order to avoid frequent visits to a stylist and make your extensions last as long as possible, there are a few things a user will need to be careful about.

When it comes to styling your hair, with tape extensions you have a few options. Tying it into a ponytail will be easy and straightforward, and wearing it in braids is a good idea as it will protect your hair from damage due to restlessness while you sleep.

Advantages of Tape Hair Extensions

Despite these (rare) issues, tape hair is an easy and low-maintenance option for women in need of longer, more beautiful hair. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Easy maintenance: tape hair usually requires brushing just one to three times a day to keep it from tangling and retain smoothness.
  • Durability, in comparison with other hair extensions that are directly attached to the head using an adhesive.
  • Good value – after the initial investment, only very occasional salon visits are necessary to keep your hair looking at its best, making this a budget-friendly choice.